Women's Development Centre

We believe in shared prosperity and the fair distribution of opportunities, wealth and leadership.

Without basic education women often face economic challenges, experience more health problems and are less likely to have children that do well in school.

The Women’s Development Centre (WDC) joins an international push that recognizes the need to close the opportunity and wealth gap between men and women. We believe in shared prosperity and the fair distribution of opportunities, wealth, and leadership. To that end, ANIDA acts as a resource network for women seeking to upgrade their skills training.


“ Gone is the day where I had to seek the assistance of people to be able to withdraw money from the bank. Now I can fill any document being at the bank or elsewhere.” 
- Nora, 2015 WDC Valedictorian

We offer both academic and vocational programs for women, regardless of their previous level of education. The WDC has been the stepping stone for uneducated women to reach their potential and gain employment, begin careers and sustain successful businesses.

School of Continuing Education

The School of Continuing Education design is for learners that have not had the opportunity to complete elementary or secondary school. The school offers a range of professional development classes in English, Twi, Math, Business, and Computer Literacy.


School of Aesthetics 

The School of Aesthetics prepares students for careers in the hair and beauty industries. Classes expose learners to the fundamentals of hairstyling (like braiding, dying, relaxing and perming hair). They are also trained to give manicures, pedicures, and facial treatments.


I talk to the children, I encourage them that they shouldn't give up, that ANIDA is there and we are going to help and support them...so they can finish school, so they can be somebody in the future.

Kwame, former sponsored child and current employee,



Grace's Hope

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 Our Toronto Food Bank is now serving a large number of individuals and families coming from countries like Iraq and Syria.  One such individual, “Grace” a woman in her 60s, came from Iraq.


Overcoming Obstacles

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As a sixteen-year-old girl growing up in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica in a small home with 5 other siblings, Abigail faced multiple barriers to success. Her father was plagued by alcoholism and her mother was struggling to provide for the children and support their education.