Sponsor a Child

Imagine being a young child in a developing country without means to reach your potential, without hope of achieving your dreams for the future, and no where to turn for help.

This program has done so much for my life and my children because it is going to give them a chance to go to college...and get a proper job...I am very grateful, very, very grateful.

Liz, mother of a sponsored child,

ANIDA Jamaica.


Grace's Hope

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 Our Toronto Food Bank is now serving a large number of individuals and families coming from countries like Iraq and Syria.  One such individual, “Grace” a woman in her 60s, came from Iraq.


Overcoming Obstacles

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As a sixteen-year-old girl growing up in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica in a small home with 5 other siblings, Abigail faced multiple barriers to success. Her father was plagued by alcoholism and her mother was struggling to provide for the children and support their education.