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ANIDA works both in Canada and internationally in developing countries to facilitate education, alleviate human suffering, provide relief from poverty, and elevate the standard of living for those in need.

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Gone is the day where I had to seek the assistance of people to be able to withdraw money from the bank. Now I can fill any document being at the bank or elsewhere.

Nora, 2015 WDC Valedictorian


Grace's Hope

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 Our Toronto Food Bank is now serving a large number of individuals and families coming from countries like Iraq and Syria.  One such individual, “Grace” a woman in her 60s, came from Iraq.


Overcoming Obstacles

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As a sixteen-year-old girl growing up in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica in a small home with 5 other siblings, Abigail faced multiple barriers to success. Her father was plagued by alcoholism and her mother was struggling to provide for the children and support their education.