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Cecilia's Story

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Although she had never finished High School, Cecilia has always been a hard worker. She made every effort to support her family and had gotten the opportunity to start a small shop in Koforidua (Ghana). One day a friend mentioned to her that she had enrolled in a school in Koforidua called the Women's Development Centre and that they were teaching her new skills that were helping her business. Cecilia asked her friend for more information and saw it as her second chance at an education.

She had a desire to do better in business and be able to converse more easily in the English language but she thought she would never have the opportunity to do so. When she started attending classes at the Centre it was difficult, trying to balance her business with school. But she realized that with hard work and dedication she could have a better future for herself and her family. She woke up early in the morning and opened her shop for the early morning hours as people went on their way to work. After the busy period was over she would pack up shop and rush to attend her classes at the Centre, after class she would return again to open the shop. It was demanding but rewarding. Cecilia began to learn new skills and it enhanced her business practices. She learned to keep her books and watch her profit and loss, create budgets for the shop and balance at the end of every day. Her English began to improve and she started conversing more easily as she grew more comfortable.

The greatest achievement Cecilia has made is being able to complete her WASSCE exams, which will allow her to get a Secondary School Certificate. She has gained a second chance and her hopes and dreams for her life have been rekindled. "I have learned a lot of things at the Centre here," she says, "I was able to write WASSCE, without the Women's Development Centre I would not have been able to write WASSCE." Cecilia now has a goal of being able to attend University and obtain a degree or diploma sometime in the future, new doors have been opened and have given her new opportunities to achieve great things!


Gone is the day where I had to seek the assistance of people to be able to withdraw money from the bank. Now I can fill any document being at the bank or elsewhere.

Nora, 2015 WDC Valedictorian


Grace's Hope

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 Our Toronto Food Bank is now serving a large number of individuals and families coming from countries like Iraq and Syria.  One such individual, “Grace” a woman in her 60s, came from Iraq.


Overcoming Obstacles

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As a sixteen-year-old girl growing up in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica in a small home with 5 other siblings, Abigail faced multiple barriers to success. Her father was plagued by alcoholism and her mother was struggling to provide for the children and support their education.